b'True Story. Police were called to a West Palm beach hospital when a doctor at St. Mary\'s Hospital saw a teenager walking around pretending to be a doctor. He was wearing a lab coat with St. Mary\'s hospital logo on it and anesthesiology " on the front. When police approached him, the kid said that he had been a doctor for years and his family could vouch for him.One security guard told police that the teenager has been walking around the hospital for a month and had seen him in secured areas.The boy\'s mother called and told police that he had not been taking his medication. No arrest was made, and he was sent home with his parents. Maybe the kid saw the movie and was inspired by "Catch Me If You Can " with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. A true story and great movie to review if you have not seen it . Hopefully, I will see a few of you at the upcoming NIA meeting this March in Maui, guaranteed great PRESIDENTS MESSAGEweather!DONTAloha, count the DAYS; MAKE the Days COUNT.Doug Barton -Muhammad AliMICA PresidentMarch is probably the worst month of the year for me. The weather is very unpredictable for the whole month. One day the weather is in the 60\'s and the next day you have another blizzard or ice storm with high winds.March 1st is supposed to be the first the day of spring but in our region, it still feels like winter.Last year, March and April were the windiest and coldest months that I could remember for a long period of time.However, if you are a college basketball fan, we have March Madness coming soon and as always St. Patrick\'s day for you Irishman and the rest of us common folks.I just read an article that caught my intention on fasting and longevity.The article stated that how much we eat and when we eat directly impacts on how long we live. The research shows that eating less slows the rate at which you age while reducing the risks of heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer\'s. This is accomplished by either fasting 2 to 4 days with just water or intermittent fasting, not eating a for 12-hour period for the 24-hour day. To me, not eating for 12 hours seems a lot easier than fasting for 2 to 4 days. The good news is that this only needs to be performed once a month. On a lighter note, and this only happens in Florida. 3'