b'(continued from page 19)A Quick Case StudyThe Amiable is empathy-oriented. They request that you, Understand how I feel and take a On a recent sales call, I encountered an Administrator, sympathetic approach to resolve it.who was yelling objections at me even before heentered the room. I am an Analytical-Amiable, so my Remember:natural reaction would be to reply, Oh, Im sorry. Ill Call me by my namejust escape outside a side door here. You have a good Assure me that my issue will be resolvedlife, okay? But something came over to me. Instead, I Show how you are personally involvedwent over to the Administrators desk, picked up a Be sure to demonstrate:book, slammed it down and commanded, Let me tell you something! I saw the Administrator straighten Empathyright up and puff out his chest. I could almost hear him Patiencethinking, Alright, an Administratorjust like me! UnderstandingLets go at it!And I was thinking, This process really Sincerityworks! The Adminstrator is results-oriented. They Seek First to Understand demand, Dont spend time on unnecessary details,Do you see yourself or your employees in one (or more) just resolve my issue! Or as my father-in-law, Mr.of these four personality styles? Administrator Extraordinare, asserts, Answer the question asked!Why wait until you have conflicts in the office toemploy a personality-based process to more effectively Remember:deal with others? Directly address my issue Speed up the pace of the conversationBe proactive! You and your employees can take a free Provide a clear timetable for resultspersonality-based assessment at Be sure to demonstrate:www.personalityperfect.com. Once you get the results, Confidencediscuss how you can improve interactions both within Your ownership of the issuethe office and with your customers. A can do attitudeThe Associator is social-oriented. They willeventually get around to telling you, Treat me like a person; dont provide me with generic answers.Remember: Maintain an informal tone Do not provide scripted answers Mention personal information, if appropriate Be sure to demonstrate: A sense of humor Creativity in your resolution FriendlinessEmploy the Platinum Rule The key to resolving customer issues is the Platinum Rule: Treat your customers the way they would like to be treated, not necessarily the way that you would like to be treated. The faster and better you are able to employ the Platinum Rule, the more issues you will be able to resolve and the more customers you will be able to retain. 26'