b'(Continued from page 18) Our overall industry forecast accuracy since 1985 is 94.7% at one year out. Thanks to our accurate forecasts, we can look ahead years into the future and help businesses plan accordingly.ABOUT ITR ECONOMICS: You can use ITRs insights for your business strategic planning, as we offer actionable Management Objectives for each phase of the business cycle. Without planning a business cycle ahead, you could end up incor-rectly planning for a recession when you should be planning for how to best capitalize on the growth coming in Phase B.You might be asking yourself, How can I get these insights to see into the future for my busi-ness? The best way to start is by signing up for a free trial of our Trends Report. The business cycle is the basis of the monthly Trends Report, an industry-leading publication that offers 45+articles that include economic forecasts, insights, and strategies to help give your business the edge over your competitors.As you can see, it is easy to make detrimentalmistakes when your business isnt properlyprepared for whats to come. With help from ITR Economics, you can effectively plan an entire business cycle ahead to best set your business up for success. 22'