b'messenger MIDWEST INSULATION CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION7250 POE AVE., SUITE 410 - DAYTON, OH 45414 - micainsulation.orgVOLUME 57NO. 3 MARCH 2023 WHATS INSIDE THIS MONTH:In addition, if you handle your customers situation when they complain using the insights in this article, How to Work Through Client Conflicts not only might you keep that client but you may also Presidents Messagebe able to turn them into a customer evangelist for OSHAs Successful Voluntary Protection your company. Program helps provide safe workplaces Word-of-mouth is the most effective form of market-Dodge Momentum Index Gets a Boosting for your business, since up to 80 percent ofin Februaryconsumer choices are the result of personalSave the Daterecommendations, from family, friends, or online Safety & Employment Law Tidbits resources.American Job Center - Lincoln, Nebraska MICA Leadership/Board of DirectorsTreat Me the Way I Want to Be Treated Plan a Business Cycle Ahead to Set YourBusiness Up for SuccessOne of the ways to provide great customer service is Resources for Employers - Wage and Hour through personality-based issue resolution, asDivision discussed by Matthew Dixon, Nick Toman and Rick Delisi in their book The Effortless Experience. The authors relay the results of the efforts of Brad- ford & Bingley, a United Kingdom-based financial services firm, which reported a 20 percent increase How to Work Throughin willingness to recommend and a 40 percentClient Conflicts decrease in repeat customer calls after using thisapproach. by Ted Janusz Its a process that allows you to make an educated guess about the personality profile of any customer, Have you ever had an upset customer? Take heart,typically within no more than thirty to sixty seconds. we all have. Surprisingly, studies show that 96percent of dissatisfied clients dont complain. AtThe four basic profiles of customers (and the names least not to you.I have assigned them):Studies also show that of the customers who do 1.The Analytical, who needs to analyze and un-complain, between 54 and 70 percent will do derstand business again with the organization if the complaint2.The Amiable, who leads with their emotional is resolved. The figure soars to an incredible 95percent if the client feels that the complaint was needs resolved quickly.1(Continued to page 19)'