b'of winter and take the opportunity to come out to Arizona in January. See you there!Sincerely, Lee Stuckenschmidt MICA President PRESIDENTS MESSAGEP.S. I listened to a recording of President Reagans address to the nation from just a few months after I was born and wanted to include it. The written words are impressive, but the recording was even better. Whether you like the man or not, he knew how to convey a Happy Holidays MICA members! message. ChristmasisaboxoftreeornamentsthathaveChristmas is also a time to remember the treasures of our own history. We remember one Christmas in particular, 1776, our first year as a nation. The become part of the family.Revolutionary War had been going badly. But George Washingtons faith, ~ Charles M. Schulzcourage, and leadership would turn the tide of history our way. On Christ-mas night he led a band of ragged soldiers across the Delaware River through driving snow to a victory that saved the cause of independence. Its Earlythismonth,IcaughtMolly,myone-year-oldsaid that their route of march was stained by bloody footprints, but their Brittany Spaniel, with an ornament off the Christmasspirit never faltered and their will could not be crushed.tree. Just a little ball of white something or other weThe image of George Washington kneeling in prayer in the snow is one of put up on the tree so that the little red and white terrorthe most famous in American history. He personified a people who knew it didnt make bigger problems. Needless to say, she iswas not enough to depend on their own courage and goodness; they must also seek help from God, their Father and Preserver. enjoyingthenewthinginherlifewithallthese~ Ronald Reaganwonderful little bits to sneak away with.A Christmas tree of one sort or size has been in our house every year Debi and I have been together. Last year we were afraid that a 3-month old Molly would see the tree as an object to destroy so we skipped outMICALEADERSHIP: on that seasonal decoration.PresidentLee StuckenschmidtTradition has always meant a lot to me. Little thingsSystems Undercover, Eaton, CO. that we do ourselves to remember a major life eventPresident-ElectKevin Rambo or bring together a group of close friends to burn offF & H Insulation Sales & Services, Kechi, KS. some steam. Those activities make us who we are. So this year, the tree went up and (fingers crossed)Vice-PresidentCarl Petersen, Molly has only taken the same ornament off the treeDelta Thermal Services, Mankato, MN. again and again.Associate PresidentLouis WaltonProto Corporation, Hewitt, TX. For Debi and me, one of our traditions is that we buy just one ornament per year to put on the tree as some- MICABOARD OF DIRECTORS: thing special that we can look back on to rememberTed Nickel, Mavo Systems, Inc. the years. This year it was a glass snowflake. ThoseWhite Bear Lake, MNornaments have been put up high on the tree and areMatt Lillig, Cornerstone Services Grouphopefully safe from Molly.Omaha , NESteve Sack,Sprinkmann Insulation, Inc Merry Christmas to you. If this doesnt reach youPeoria, ILbefore the holiday, Happy New Year! By chance, if youdontcelebratetheholiday,HappyHannukah,Matt Hymer, Midwest Materials Co. Merry Kwanza, or just have a great December!Joplin, MO Tim Hughey, Colorado Mechanical Insulation IhopeeveryonehasanamazingmonthcelebratingEnglewood, CO. with family and friends. Stay warm through the restAdam Sease, Gagnon Inc.Bettendorf, IAGordon Vierck, Luse Thermal Technologies Aurora, IL3'