b'(continued from page 11) The key to a smooth hiring processand mentoring, peer groups, and formal education and training programs. "Any combination of these tools can and a successful hirebe used to create an IDP, or individualized Surrounding yourself with the right team is key todevelopment plan," Clancy explains. business success, so knowing how to select the best people for your team is crucial. Sometimes construction company owners are afraid of Author and business coach David Finkel emphasizesinvesting too much time and money into their people. the importance of a step that often is overlookedOwners fear that once these employees are trained, they during the hiring processthe selection phase,will go work somewhere else. While this fear is according to Inc. This stage involves not justunderstandable, it must be overcome. evaluating the candidates skills and experience but also confirming his or her enthusiasm for the role and securing commitment to your company.Transfer of ownership of a construction company is a Finkel shares the following key points to considercomplex process that requires hours of planning and when you have narrowed down your candidate poolyears of careful execution. The odds of a smooth to ensure your expectations align with thetransition skyrocket when the right people are in place candidates.to take over the business. The sooner an owner starts the process of getting those people in place, the better. Compensation: It is important to have a conversation about compensation earlier in the process so you demonstrate transparency andThis article is based on a presentation given by Mike respect for the candidate\'s time. Reiterate theClancy at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020. Clancy is a salary range for the position and ask whether itprincipal at FMI Corporation, a management aligns with the candidates expectations. If itconsulting firm that works exclusively with the does, the hiring process likely is headed in theconstruction industry. He has a strong background in right direction.construction operations, bringing a unique focus on Authority: You can learn valuable informationoperational improvement and strategic thinking.when you understand who else is involved in the candidates decision-making process, such as a partner or spouse. This can help you adjust your approach to address potential concerns an influential person may have. Timing: It is important to know when the candidate can startwhether it is immediately or in a monthto help plan a smooth transition and onboarding process. In the final interview, Finkel recommends maintaining a selection frame of mind; he suggests instead of making an offer, congratulating the candidate and confirming the compensation and start date that has been discussed. Emphasize the candidate is being selected rather than accepting an offer to inspire positive momentum and enthusiasm as he or she transitions into the role. Making the candidate feel chosen and valued is key. 21'