b'messenger MIDWEST INSULATION CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION 7250 POE AVE., SUITE 410 - DAYTON, OH 45414 - micainsulation.org VOLUME 57NO. 7 JULY 2023 WHATS INSIDE THIS MONTH:complianceinformationforemployersthatthey MICA General Counsel Reportwillbeabletohandtoemployersduringor Presidents Messagefollowing an inspection being made under the NEP. MICA Leadership/Board of DirectorsTheNEPgivesanOSHAcomplianceofficerthe Dodge Momentum Index Slides 2% in authoritytoenterontoandinspectanysiteorMay Due to WeakerCommercial locationatwhichhe/sheobservesanyemployee Planningworkingmorethan6feetabovethelevelbelow EEOC Report Berates Construction for them, even if the employee is in compliance with Discriminationfallprotectionrules.Ofcourse,aftertheSave these Datescompliance officer has access to the site he will be Heat Standard to Protect Indoor, Outdoorable to cite the employer for any OSHA violations Workers he/she observes. 2023 MICA Annual Conference OnMarch27,2023,OSHAbeganapplyinga Leaders Should Watch for Red Flagsnewpolicyforinspectionstobeknownasthethat Indicate BurnoutInstance by Instance citation procedure. Under this procedure,OSHAcomplianceofficersaregiven authority to issue multiple citations on any inspec-MICA Generaltion site in which they observe that employers are repeatedlyexposingworkerstolife-threatening Counsel Reporthazards or failing to comply with certain workplace safetyandhealthrequirements.IfanOSHA compliance officer is inspecting a site following a catastrophicinjury,whichisoneinvolvinga Gary Auman, MICA Legal CounselhospitalizationfortreatmentofatleastoneAt the MICA Board of Directors meeting heldemployee,afatality,thelossofaneyeorthe on Friday, June 9, 2023, general counsel reported onamputationofanyextremity.Ifthecompliancethe following issues:officer finds that employees have been exposed on thejobsitetotheselife-threateninghazards,etc., OSHAhasissuedaNationalEmphasistheywillbeabletoissueindividualcitationsfor Program(NEP)onfallprotection.Thisprogrameachemployeeexposedtothelife-threateningwhich became effective on May 1, 2023, is actuallyhazard.Thelife-threateninghazardsofbeen supposed to be first implemented 90 days after Maydescribedthatsuchthingsasfallprotection1. In the 90 days after May 1 and prior to implemen- hazards, ladder safety hazards, excavation hazards, tationOSHAareaofficesaresupposedtodraft machine guarding hazards, lockout tag out hazards, (continued from page 1)continued to page 4 1'