b'(continued from page 5)###familystartswere26%lower,whilemultifamily starts were up 2% on a rolling 12-month basis. Dodge Construction Network is a solutions technology companyprovidinganunmatchedofferingofdata, The largest multifamily structures to break ground inanalytics,andindustry-spanningrelationshipsto June were the $500 million 1072 W Peachtree build- generatethemostpowerfulsourceofinformation, ing in Atlanta, Georgia, the $450 million Pendry-Oneknowledge,insights,andconnectionsinthe Ashley condo tower in Tampa, Florida, and the $345commercialconstructionindustry.Thecompanymillion Merchant Building in Columbus, Ohio.powers longstanding and trusted industry solutions to Regionally, total construction starts in June fell in alltimely connect and enable decision makers across the regions except the West and Northeast.entirecommercialconstructionecosystem.Formore thanacentury,DodgeConstructionNetworkhas empoweredconstructionprofessionalswiththeJUNE 2023 CONSTRUCTION STARTSinformationtheyneedtobuildsuccessful,growing businesses. To learn more, visit construction.comMedia Contact: Cailey Henderson | 104 West Partners | cailey.henderson@104west.com 6'