b'(continued from page 11)Sidebar: Chatbots and the Business Enterprise In the accompanying article, technology experts tellhow artificial intelligence can help companies improve their operations and increase their profits. But how does the typical chatbot program feel about that? The author asked ChatGPT to assess its capabilities in the business environment. Heres the response:Phillip M. Perry: Can AI be used to help businesses run better?ChatGPT: Yes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can indeed help businesses run better. In fact, manyorganizations are already harnessing AI to improve various aspects of their operations. Here are some of the ways AI is used to help businesses:Improving Customer Service.Data Analysis and Insights. Supply Chain Management.Personalization.Fraud Detection.HR and Talent Acquisition. Sales Optimization.Risk Management.Process Automation.Product Development.Remember, successful implementation of AI requires a clear understanding of business needs, suitable data infrastructure, and a skilled team that can deploy and manage AI systems. Additionally, ethical considerations such as data privacy and AI fairness should be taken into account. 13'