b'Project ProfileDynamic Roof Helps Raise Profile Of New Kent ucky Music CenterWhat and where:The PromoWest Pavilion at Ovation in Newport, Ky.The site:The $40 million pavilion will accommodate indooraudiencesofupto2,700withanoutdoor capacity of 7,000. The facility is expected to attract up to 400,000 fans and host nearly 180 events annually.Larger plan: The venue plaza will be linked to future phases of the Ovation development via a pedestrian walkway.Therestofthe25-acremixeduse development located on the Ohio River across from downtownCincinnatiwillincludeofficebuildings,The pavilion includes three double-leaf smoke vents manufactured by hotels,residentialunits,retailstoresandagroceryThe BILCO Company that allow firefighters to bring a fire under control store. by removing smoke, heat and gasses from a burning building.Smoke vents:The sweeping, 24,000 square foot roofphasewillincluderesidentialunits,hotels,a includes three double leaf smoke vents from BILCO.pedestrian walkway, structured parking, office space, The smoke vents are designed to control smoke to aidretail and entertainment buildings. The complex will buildingevacuationandfirefighterseffortsandtospan across 25 acres in Newport, a city with a sordid prevent the spread of fire during an emergency. pastthatwasoncedescribedasa?hotbedof gambling,prostitution,organizedcrimeand Did you know?Artists and entourages will relax andwidespread corruption.? ADunwind before and after performances in the OvationThepavilionroof,however,givesthefacilityan King Records green room. King Records is the labeloverwhelming new identity marker. ?If you?re standing where James Brown and others recorded songs in theonthetopitlookslikeaskijumpoverlooking 1950s and ?60s. A mural that adorns the walls includesCincinnati,?? said Aaron Presar of TruCraft Roofing, the King Record stars Otis Williams, Philip Paul and Bootsyroof installer. That was one of the project goals from Collins. the outset.Visitors to a new performing arts venue in Newport, Kentucky, will leave impressed by the music. They?ll alsolikelybeawedbythefacility,particularlythe 24,000 square foot roof that sweeps over the latest addition to the greater Cincinnati cultural arts scene.ThePromoWestPavilionatOvationopensin September2021.JustacrosstheOhioRiverfrom Cincinnati,thevenuewillhostapproximately180 events a year, bringing up to 400,000 music fans to the site.The $40 million pavilion is part of a major project by Corporex.Thefirstphaseincludesthepavilion,aThe PromoWest Pavilion at Ovation in Newport, Kentucky is an indoor/outdoor concert venue that will host nearly 180 events a year.parking garage, office building and hotel. The secondThe music venue has an indoor capacity of 2,700 and anoutdoor capacity of 7,000.www.ohioroofing.com 14'