b"WEDNESDAY,NOVEMBER 9, 1983 12:40 PMBuffet and Beer Bust Hyatt Regency Ballroom 1PMSusses depart for airport and charter :30 North Entranceflight to Maui Hyatt Regency NOTICES Coffee and hospitality will be dispensed to the visiting ladies by the wives of Arizona roofing contractors and wives of MRCA officers and directors in the Sundance Room, lobby level, Hyatt Regency Hotel. afternoonC Please sign up in advance for the Mondaytour 0t.4 A and Tuesday ladies' activities at the MRCA registration~Nii V EEI. desk in thePhoenix Civic Center or in the SundanceCN G Room, lobby level, Hyatt Regency Hotel.uTE R IoR thanksConvention Co-Chairmenand'( H OurtoMullisWad T ding who helped plan and arrange the ladies' activities and various social activities of this year's convention. Roofing contractors not presently members ofare MRCA tothemembership. Visit invitedconsiderbenefits ofwith John Drew and other members ofBoard of Directors the at the MRCA booth in the registration area for membership information and an application form. TOEXIUIIIT HAU. 21 PRESCOTT [ 89"