b'WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9,1983LADIES\'PROGRAM 8:30 to 10:30 AM Visit Exhibits Exhibit Hall Civic Plaza SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1983 10:30 AM toT &RRap Session.ThisisaCON 6:00 to 7:00 PMWelcoming Cocktail Party 12:30 PMTRACTORS ONLYsession in which aExhibit HallHosted by Arizona Roofing Contrac-Phoenix Roomnumber of topicswillbediscussedCivic Plazators Association and M RCA Civic Plazaincluding 1.Coal tarmore bitumen-whymater MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1983 ial is required than you figured. 2.Paul Morris\' "perfect1 O".12:05 PMOpening Luncheon Assembly HallAddress by Don Dedora, Editor, 3. The current expanded polystyreneCivic PlazaArizona Highways research project. 4.Ballasting over phenolic foamin 2:00 to 4:30 PM sulation.Bus loads atVisitHeardMuseum,containingan north entranceoutstanding collectionof Southwest 5.Lap sealants and EPS insulation.of HyattIndian arts and crafts. (Tickets for this 6.Questions and answers.Regencytourbe purchased at the Ladies\' must MRCA T & Rmembers andHospitality Room.) Committee technical advisers will be present.EveningVisit Hospitality Rooms and Phoenix Robert E.First, Lima, OH Donald G. McNamara, Milwaukee, WITUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1983 George S. Moeller, Kansas City, MO Paul L. Morris, Kansas City, MO10:00 AMBoardCharteredbussesfor tour of North entranceHousethe Cyril Tilsen, Madison, WIofFuture and Taliesen West. William C. Cullen, MRCA Tech. Cons.Hyatt RegencyLuncheon at the Cottonwoods Resort. Dr. Rene Dupuis, MRCA Tech.Adviser(TicketsforthistourmustbepurThomas Bollnow, Westmont, ILchased at the Ladies\' Hospitality Room.) 12:35 PMFinal Business Session11:30AMBoard chartered busses for luncheon Phoenix RoomElection of Officers and DirectorsNorth Entranceat the beautiful Cottonwoods Resort Civic PlazaAdjournment of ConventionHyatt Regencyand shoppingatthe unique and outstanding Borgata Center. 12:40 PMBuffet and Beer Bust Hyatt Regency6:30 to 7:30 PMCash Bar (or Hospitality Rooms) BallroomHyatt Regency Ballroom 1PMBusses depart for airport and charter :30 North Entranceflight to Maui7:30PMto?Banquet Hyatt RegencyHyatt RegencyPresentation of Fifteenth Annual BallroomJames Q. Mccawley Award Phoenix Boys Choir Dancing with Paul Arena and his Orchestra 67'