b"messenger MIDWEST INSULATION CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION7250 POE AVE., SUITE 410 - DAYTON, OH 45414 - micainsulation.orgVOLUME 57NO. 2 FEBRUARY 2023 WHATS INSIDE THIS MONTH:these laws are provisions that incentivize building energy efficiency through tax credits, rebates, and North American Insulation Manufacturers grants available to state, local, and tribalAssociation is pleased to announce the launch ofgovernments. a new NAIMA websitePresidents MessageTheir new website is meant to be a one stop shop for Department Of Labor Accepting 2023 HIREall government funding available for insulation from Vets Medallion Awards Applicationsthese investments, including retrofit, new construc-US Department of Labor again finds barley tion, and income qualified programs. They alsosupplier exposing workers to workplace safetyinclude information on commercial, industrial, and hazards at Wisconsin malt housetraining and marketing support programs, as well as on the benefits of fiberglass and mineral wool. Dodge Momentum Index Wraps up 2022 with December GrowthThe website will be a living library and will be Save the Dateupdated with new information about programs as Workplace Postersthey become available.The Supply Chain Challenge MICA Leadership/Board of DirectorsQuestions or comments? Please reach out to: OSHA's online newsletterTips for Recruiting & Retaining InstallersPatrick Kiker ITR Economics Advisor - Economic UpdateVice President of Marketing and Communications NAIMA pkiker@naima.org North American Insulation Manufacturers508.221.3000Association is pleased to announce the launch of a new NAIMA website The North American Insulation Manufacturers Asso-ciation is pleased to announce the launch of a new NAIMA website, www.insulationincentives.org. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) and theInfrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA)represent the largest investments in infrastructure, clean energy, energy efficiency, and buildingdecarbonization in American history. Within each of1"