b'Industry NewsUnited Way: The Big Thanks and the Pinnacle Award WinnerEach spring, United Way of the Greater Dayton Area hosts an event called The Big Thanks to celebrate and thank all those who provided support during the previous year.At this event, awards are presented in a variety of categories to recognize donors and volunteers who have gone above and beyond in their support of United Way.The Pinnacle Award recognizes outstanding performance by a workplace campaign.Nominees are selected based on their results in comparison with the previous year based on the following criteria:percentage increase in total dollars raised,average gift, participation, and their level of engagement with United Way.APinnacle Award is presented to organizations in the small category (under 175 employees), mediumcategory (under 500 employees) and large category (over 500 employees).There is an additional award presented for performance by a labor organization.The Pinnacle Award for outstanding performance by a workplace campaign in 2020 (small category) was Starco, Inc.Leading a UNITED Community to Uplift Our NeighborsLeft to Right: Christine August, Terri Leputa Associate VP for Resource You can give to United Way through your Development United Way of the Greater Dayton Area, Howard Krisher Donor Advised FundPresident of Starco, Inc., and Sarah Brogan CERTIFIED ROOFING TORCHAPPLICATOR PROGRAM YOUR SOURCE FOR TORCH DOWN ROOF SYSTEM SAFETY TRAININGFOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: MORGAN ARWOOD AT 800-497-6722 or MARWOOD@MRCA.ORG Page 8CONSTRUCTION JOURNAL'