b'THE PLAN ROOM POST From Plan Room Manager, John Grandetti Staff Changes: There will be a few significant changes in the planroom staff which have already started and will continue through the summer. After 14 years of overseeing the planroom, I have been promoted to a new position with the BuildersExchange, Inc in Cleveland. I am very excited to be given an opportunity to move to my hometown and take on more responsibility with the Builders Exchange and will continue to work with Bob, his staff and the new planroom manager to make our services second to none. As excited as I am for the opportunity ahead, I am sad to be leaving a great city, coworkers and theJohn Grandetti, companies that make up our local membership. Whether you visited the planroom or I had a chance to Plan Room Manager come to your offices to tell you about our great organization, I am grateful for the opportunity to meet with most you in my time in Dayton. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you over the years and look forward to strengthening the partnership between the Builders Exchange and BX Dayton in my new role. With the position of planroom manager open we promoted Kristin Niemeyer to assume my duties beginning July 1 st . Many of you know Kristin already as she has been with the Builders Exchange for 8 years first as Planroom Coordinator, then a Reporter and now as Manager. I am excited to be able to promote Kristin as she can provide a wealth of knowledge to our members about our services and help grow our organization as we look to the future.The last piece of the staffing puzzle is Ashley Myers. You might remember Ashley from her previous employment with theBuilders Exchange. We were able to re-hire her and are happy to have her back in the BX family. Ashley is processing documents, working with our project reports online and can help you with any questions you may have on the site. A Word from the New Planroom Manager: My name is Kristin Niemeyer, and am delighted to have worked for The BuildersExchange for the past eight years.I started as a Planroom Coordinator back in 2013 which provided me with experience inassisting members directly with project inquiries, blueprint orders, navigating the website, and more.I put on a few different hats during that time, and I learned as much as I could about the Construction Industry, primarily the bid process and how all of the moving bits and pieces fit together.I was promoted to Active Reporter in 2017 which is where I had been up until this point, and being in that position really helped me to excel and develop an even better understanding and appreciation of what The Builders Exchange has to offer.I am very excited to take on my new role as Plan Room Manager for the Dayton office, and while I may have some pretty big shoes to fill, I am up to the challenge.I am looking forward to seeing what I can bring to the table and focusing my mindset on growth and opportunity for our members.Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or feedback that you may have! SOUTHWEST COUNTIES LIENS AND JUDGEMENTS REPORTS As Recorded by National Association of Credit Management (NACM)The Public Records Bulletin offers a synopsis of all commercial suits, liens, National bankruptcies and judgments filed in various counties throughout Southwest Ohio. SUITSsignaling possible financial difficulties LIENSalerting you that further investigation is needed JUDGEMENTSagainst your customers warning you to monitor the account closely. NATIONAL BANKRUPTCY FILINGShelping you avoid costly credit extensions.This service is a benefit of being a BX Dayton Member. To find current reports, go to the Member Services tab at www.bxdayton.com and click on Public Records Bulletin.*The accuracy of the reports is not guaranteed. The contents are gathered in good faith and sent to you by NACM Connect without liability for negligence in procuring, collecting, communicating, or failing to communicate the information so gathered. Page 4CONSTRUCTION JOURNAL'