b'LADIESACTIVITIESCOMMITTEENOTES: ChairmanMrs.MyronS.Olsonideas you\'ve learnedand take them home Mrs.Milton J.Olson,Mrs.George DeasJot downtheworth-while"money-saving"OFFICIALPROGRAM Mrs.JohnSheaMrs.Dwight Chandlerto your ownbusiness. Mrs. Robert SheaMrs.RobertHinman Mrs.Arnold LindMrs.Malcolm Dow * *SixthAnnualConvention LADIESACTIVITIES _FRIDAY, *NOVEMBER4thMidwest 9:00A.M Registration 9:00 A.M. . .Visit ExhibitsRoofingContractors 12:00 NOON Combined Luncheon Boys Town, Nebr. 2:30 to 5:00 P.M. Conducted Tour ofAssociation 5:00 P.M Free Time toVisit Omaha ** *NOVEMBER5th SATURDAY.THE FONTENELLE 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 NOON. Time for Shopping in DowntownOmahaOma.ha, Nebr. 12:30 P.M . Ladies Luncheon at OmahaAthletic Club Mrs. John Jesse will Review the Book titled P.M . . . Combined Social and 6:00"Onions in the Stew" by Betty McDonald* Cocktail Hour 7:30 P.M . . BanquetnovEmBER45,1955 Black Mirror RoomHOD Entertainment and Dancing Corsages willbeFurnishedtoLadiesat DinnerDance'