b'2 0 0 5THE LIVING HISTORY OF MRCA1 MRCA PRESIDENTEXECUTIVE SECRETARY MRCA LEADERSHIPDENNIS RUNYAN ROD PETRICKBOARD OF DIRECTORSRONNIE MCGLOTHLIN MAURICE CRISPRANDY ADAMS MARK GWALTNEYSTEVE DALY HANS PHILIPPO DOUG JONES JAY REFIEUNARICK BRIKMAN JOHN DALYGARY RICKERT JIM BARRCHUCK SCHULTE JIM RAMSERJOE MCDEVITT JAY CRISPCO-CHAIRMAN OF THE CONVENTION COMMITTEEJIM RAMSER HISTORIC FACTS- In 2005 graffiti artist David Choe was offered $60K to paint multiple murals at Facebook headquarters. He chose to take his compensation in stock which was eventually worth more than $200 million in 2020.- The term ?Cyber Monday? was created and coined by Ellen Davis from the Nation Retail Federation, and Scott Silverman on November 28, 2005, after a study revealed that online retailers experienced a surge in sales the Monday after Thanksgiving.- Mark Felt, a 92-year-old retired FBI agent was revealed to be 1972?s ?Deep Throat? who helped take down the Nixon presidency. - The video-sharing website "YouTube" was founded. - Microsoft releases the Xbox 360 gaming console in North America.COSTOF L I V I N GMILK GAL. $3.20 BACON $4.09 LB.GAS $2.74EGGS $2.00 DZ.BREAD $2.29 CIRCULAR SAW $89.99-$109.99AVG INCOME $46,242 SKI BOOTS $99.99-$129.99HOUSE $203,624 SONY 32" TV$599.99'