b'1 9 7 8THE LIVING HISTORY OF MRCA1 MRCA PRESIDENTEXECUTIVE SECRETARY MRCA LEADERSHIPROBERT WISKUS ROBERT P. LYONS AND BARBARA D. MYERSBOARD OF DIRECTORSCYRIL TILSEN KURT CARLSONHAROLD C. BIEBEL HARWOOD H. FENNERDONALD G. MCNAMARA ROBERT E. FIRSTLOU BROX RODNEY NAUCKERONALD C. MARTIN LEONARD E. KELLYSTANLEY W. MILLER CHARLES THOMPSONCO-CHAIRMAN OF THE CONVENTION COMMITTEEWALLACE L. SHERARD, JOHN SOMERS AND GERRY RAMSDELLHISTORIC FACTS- NASA unveils the first group of women astronauts during January. The group included Shannon Lucid, Margaret Rhea Seddon, Kathryn Sullivan, Judith Resnik, Anna Fisher, and Sally Ride. - The first Garfield comic strip debuts in U.S. newspapers.- Illinois Bell Company introduces first ever Cellular Mobile Phone System. - Home Depot was founded in Atlanta, Georgia.- During a 1978 Monday Night Football game, Howard Cosell commented on a delicious new snack he was eating, thus stadium nachos went mainstream. COSTOF L I V I N GMILK GAL. $1.71 BACON $1.89 LB.GAS $0.63EGGS$0.82 DZBREAD $0.30 MICROWAVE OVEN$269.95AVG INCOME $15,060 TENNIS RACQUETTE $39.95-$60.00HOUSE $54,800 LONGHORN$14.95/ PERSONRESTAURANT [JEFFERSON, NJ] DINNER'