b'1 9 6 5THE LIVING HISTORY OF MRCA1 MRCA PRESIDENTEXECUTIVE SECRETARY MRCA LEADERSHIPROBERT D. MARQUIS ROBERT P. LYONSBOARD OF DIRECTORSJOHN C. SHEA WILLIAM J. MANTONED E. RAWLINS PAUL E. FISHERJAMES W. ACKERMAN TOM MANSONGLENN E. LANGER ROBERT E. OSTERHOLTRAY JOHNSON RUSSELL L. RAFOTHWILLIAM E. KUGLERCO-CHAIRMAN OF THE CONVENTION COMMITTEETOM MANSON AND EWING L. LUSK JR.HISTORIC FACTS- Astroturf was invented.- In St. Louis, Missouri, the 630-foot-tall parabolic steel Gateway Arch is completed. - The Sports Drink: Gatorade was created at the University of Florida, which earns a 20% share of all Gatorade royalties.- Astronaut John Young smuggled an illegal corned beef sandwich on board the Gemini 3 spacecraft in 1965. He was given the first reprimand in NASA space mission history and his snack remains the only contraband sandwich to ever make it into space.- Dick Butkus was drafted by both the Chicago Bears (NFL) and the Denver Broncos (AFL) in 1965, then had a few days to decide where to play. He chose the Bears for less money.COSTOF L I V I N GMILK GAL. $0.95 BACON $0.69 LB.GAS $0.31 TV DINNER$0.69BREAD $0.21 BAKED BEANS $1.00, 10-16 OZ. CANSAVG INCOME $6,900 10" ELECTRIC$188.00-$219.00HOUSE $13,600 TABLE TENNIS $22.88, 5\' X 9\'COSTOF L I V I N G'