b'messenger MIDWEST INSULATION CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION 7250 POE AVE., SUITE 410 - DAYTON, OH 45414 - micainsulation.org VOLUME 57NO. 9 SEPTEMBER 2023 rights. Software, technology and associated salaries WHATS INSIDE THIS MONTH:can generally be the second-highest cost on anaverage contractors income statement, according to Artificial Intelligence for Engineering andan FMI analysis of clients financial statements. Construction Firms By increasingly adopting software and technology to Presidents Messageincorporate data-driven decision making, they MICA Leadership/Board of Directorsintroduce technical terms like virtual design and Save these Datesconstruction (VDC), building information modeling Annual MICA Fall Business Registration(BIM), cloud computing and application Infoprogramming interface (API). MICA Fall Business Meeting Schedule One term that has transitioned from industry-specific OSHAs New National Emphasisjargon to everyday conversation, primarily due to theProgram Directed To Warehousing Anddisruptive impact of OpenAIs ChatGPT, is artificialDistribution Center Operations intelligence (AI). Distinguishing between the hype and reality of AIs capabilities can be difficult, given its prominence in todays conversations. Its time to cut through the noise and discuss how AI is truly changing the construction industrywithout invoking images of autonomous humanoid robots Artificial Intelligence forcapable of climbing a ladder to terminate wire or Engineering andanything else. Construction Firms In numerous industries,Theres an ever-growing communication gap technical jargon can posebetween AIs most vocal advocates and average a challenge for thosebusiness owners or executives. Some may be overly unfamiliar with itoptimistic, believing that AI can solve all the Cain Menardconstruction industrys problems, while others might avoid the technology altogether due to fears of job Construction is no exception, employing terms suchdisplacement or a lack of understanding its as earned value, design-bid-build and WIP (work-in- applications. progress), which are typically only familiar to construction industry professionals.What is often missing from the conversation about AI is a practical understanding of its capabilities, While the tech sector may be the most prolific sourcealong with a perspective that is neither too optimistic of industry-specific terminology, contractors arenor too pessimistic, but rather realistic. Developing a gradually evolving into tech companies in their ownrealistic view is essential for many contractors as they determine their defensive andcontinued to page 4 1'