b'messenger MIDWEST INSULATION CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION 7250 POE AVE., SUITE 410 - DAYTON, OH 45414 - micainsulation.org VOLUME 57NO.10 OCTOBER 2023 The agency called out the appearance of nooses and WHATS INSIDE THIS MONTH:hate speech on projects, including references to slavery and lynching, while saying the sector stood out from other industries for the unique andEEOC Report Berates Construction fordeplorable nature of the biased actions that occurred toward women and workers of color. EEOC received Discriminationat least 64 charges involving nooses in thePresidents Messageconstruction industry between fiscal years 2015 andMICA Leadership/Board of Directors2022, the report said.Economic Update - ITR Economics Save these DatesFor years, some of the most egregious incidents ofConstruction Forecast 2024harassment and discrimination investigated by theNavigating a Tricky Economic TerrainEEOC have arisen in the construction industry, theNew Form I-9 report said. In many instances, men of color and women of all races and ethnicities face hostile work environments based on race, national origin, sex or some combination of these characteristics, on jobsites across the country.While acknowledging the efforts of some construction firms to foster a more inclusive work EEOC Report Beratesenvironment for underrepresented people, the 110-Constructionpage report concluded, Nevertheless, discrimination for Discriminationremains a substantial barrier to entry, retention and advancement of women and people of color in construction decades after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed race, sex and national origin discrimination by employers and unions. By: Joe R. Bousquin Senior Editor at Construction Dive The report broke down the underrepresentation of After a yearlong investigation, the agency says construction stands outwomen and people of color in the sector, noting that from other industries for egregious incidents of harassment. women make up 11% of all workers in theconstruction workforceincluding office and Capping a year of hearings and increased scrutiny onclerical positionsand 4% of tradesworkers. Black and racial discrimination in the construction industry,people make up 7% of construction workers, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioncompared to 13% in the general workforce.issued a report Wednesday laying bare the continued prevalence of hate and bias on building jobsites. And while Bureau of Labor Statistics datacontinued to page 4 1'