28 I Winter 2019 www.anjc.info ASSIST CHNIQUE Council TRITION Council TION Council R HEALTH BILLING/CODING & COLLECTIONS CB&C, INC. 973.827.3544 • CBCteam@CBCbilling.com • www.cbcbilling.com Specializing in chiropractic, CB&C offers consulting, training and a full range of Billing / Collections services, which are tailored to your needs. Also, we offer a verifications department, which assists your office in obtaining maximum reimbursement & handling contracts. CHIROPRACTIC EQUIPMENT/SUPPLIES & PATIENT EDUCATION BIOFREEZE® /PERFORMANCE HEALTH 800.246.3733 • health@biofreeze.com • www.biofreeze.com • www.thera-band.com Performance Health is the maker of market-leading Biofreeze and Thera-Band products, as well as other vital clinical brands. Key Products: Biofreeze and Thera-Band. NUTRITION & WELLNESS BIOTICS RESEARCH Debra Fish • 800.231.5777 x140 • dfish@bioticsresearch.com • www.bioticsresearch.com Biotics Research Corporation was formed in 1975 and from day one the foundation has been “Innovation and Quality.” Our goals remain unchanged - innovative ideas, carefully researched concepts, and product development with advanced analytical and manufacturing techniques to develop and produce nutritional products of superior quality and effectiveness available exclusively to healthcare professionals. TAKE SHAPE FOR LIFE/OPTAVIA John Dowling, DC • 908.806.4699 • drjohn@createwellbeing.com www.createwellbeing.com The #1 Doctor recommended, clinically proven and effective optimal health program in the country for fast, permanent weight loss and medication use reduction. CONSULTANTS/PRACTICE MANAGEMENT CHIROHEALTH USA Ray Foxworth, DC • 888.719.9990 • afdc@chirohealthusa.com • www.chirohealthusa.com Want to practice with peace of mind? Our network model eliminates worry about dual free schedules, improper time of service discounts and OIG violations for offering discounts on non-covered services. KMC UNIVERSITY Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P • 1.855.TEAM KMC • info@kmcuniversity.com • www.kmcuniversity.com KMC University provides Chiropractors with tools and solutions to improve and maintain the reimbursement and compli- ance performance of their practice, delivered with maximum effectiveness, innovation, and ease of implementation. MEDICAL/CLINICAL SERVICES ATLANTIC SPINE CENTER 973.640.1927 • www.atlanticspinecenter.com ALLIED NEUROLOGY & INTERVENTIONAL PAIN PRACTICE Sarah Nasiek • 201.894.1313 • sarahnasiek@hotmail.com • www.anipp.com Interventional pain management is the discipline of medicine devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of pair related disorders principally with the application of interventional techniques in managing subacute, chronic, persistent and intractable pain, independently or in connection with other modalities of treatment.