www.njchiropractors.com I 27 NUTRITION & WELLNESS (Continued) HEALTHY PATH LLC Alan Rind • 267.318.6526 • info@healthypathllc.com • www.healthypathllc.com Healthy Path LLC, is a producer of all-natural CBD products, working to educate chiropractors, health practitioners, and their patients, about CBD as a natural alternative for pain relief, inflammation, and anxiety. We offer programs that enable health providers to offer CBD oil to their patients, directly from their practice. Our brand is HEALTHY PATH CBD and all products are 100% THC FREE. OMAX HEALTH Phil Botana • 855.978.6615 x100 • sales@omaxhealth.com • www.omaxhealth.com Omax Health is a health and wellness company focused on developing premium quality nutraceuticals including Omax3 Professional Strength Omega-3™. Developed by scientists affiliated with Yale University, Omax3 Professional Strength is a pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 that is 93.9% concentrated EPA/DHA in 1,000 mg soft gels. X-RAY, DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING SERVICES & EQUIPMENT LIGHTFORCE THERAPY LASERS BY LITECURE MEDICAL Frank Hogan • 302.709.0408 • info@lightforcelasers.com • www.lightforcelasers.com Laser therapy has been adopted as an essential pain management tool by athletic trainers in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, FIFA and Olympic teams. LiteCure Medical is the preferred laser therapy manufacturer of professional trainers because we deliver consistent results. Elite athletes consistently rejoin the team faster when this energizing treatment is part of the treatment plan. For more information on the benefits of laser therapy, contact us and we will provide you with additional resources. CHNIQUE Council R HEALTH [ OPIATES CONTINUED FROM PAGE 22 ] opioid receptors in the brain. Our brain’s opioid system works to inhibit pain. When we experience pain, our brain blocks the opioid receptors. As a result, our heart rates decrease, which then signals the nervous system to help muscles relax. Prescription painkillers magnify this effect in regular doses. Consuming prescription painkillers in high doses enhances this process to a greater degree, causing euphoric sensations. Unfortunately, the more we take opiate drugs, the more our brain becomes dependent on them. Eventually, our brain is unable to fight pain on its own. Consequently, we feel more pain, we are in more pain, and we face painful symptoms of withdrawal. Simultaneously, opiate drugs cause us and relieve us from pain. With every dose, we perpetuate the cycle. “As a chiropractor, I constantly see patients that don’t know where to turn for help… the mother pouring her heart out about her child, the patient struggling to get off pain medication. I feel good about sending all of my patients to Enlightened Solutions because they have a true holistic addiction treatment center that teaches individuals how to change their life to a more holistic and healthy pathway,” said Dr. Jonathan Greenberg, DC, CCEP. Enlightened Solutions understands the challenge in breaking free from the cycle of opioid addiction and has the holistic solution. If you are concerned that any of your patients may be suffering from substance abuse dependence, please call Enlightened Solutions at 833-LIVE-TODAY to find out how we can help. Enlightened Solutions offers treatments and education that fully bind the mind, body, and spirit. Through holistic therapies, we call on each client’s desire to succeed in recovery and commit to staying free of addictive substances. Enlightened Solutions is an addiction treatment center in Egg Harbor which uses a multidisciplinary and holistic approach, ranging from the clinical to the spiritual, and grounded in a 12-Step philosophy. It is a Premier Supporter of the ANJC.