NEW! Learn more at substantially increases the health of the patient while increasing the financial reward for the chiropractor. To create similar results in the functional nutrition arena we will use the same process of clearly identifying the Problem, showing the Possibility and providing a high value roadmap to bridge the Gap. Now you can offer your patients valuable data points created by poor diet and lifestyle choices that have never been available to chiropractors before. We provide clear, complete and easy to understand reports identifying the issues (Problem) and specifically, show what a healthy report should be (Possibility), and provide a detailed roadmap of how your patients can achieve the highest levels of health and vitality (Gap), increasing patient loyalty and tremendous value. I found a clear, accurate and simple method your patients will easily understand and want that meets the following Universal Adoption Criteria: 1. No cost, easy to use and apply for every chiropractor 2. Extremely low to no obligation to patient 3. Easy to collect data and interpret (Problem) 4. Document patient results (Possibility) 5. Solution (Value Gap and Economic Reward) 6. First of its kind What is it? It’s a unique and easy to use Dried Blood Spot test that all chiropractors can implement as part of their intake procedures. New food sensitivity testing technology and commitment to patients allows for significantly better testing than just IgG and IgE. Identify stressors your patients are hypersensitive to. No phlebotomist, no centrifuge, no storing of ice. Simple, easy, accurate, objective, clear reports you and your patients can easily interpret. Empower your patients to “see” for themselves what the underlying root cause of their symptoms are. Arm them with the information they need to achieve the highest levels of health and vitality. To learn more and implement in your office TODAY, follow the link below to schedule a 15-minute FREE appointment that can increase the wellbeing and vibrancy of your patients and the financial health of your practice. Schedule a one on one with my team today: or email clinicalexec@gmail. com for more details. Seth Kaelin, BCHN, NTP, CNP, is an authorized inde- pendent representative for Standard Process Inc. and is a Premier Supporter of the ANJC. He can be reached at 914-302-7734. [ CHIROPRACTERS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 19 ] Chiropractor Programs • Natural Alternative for Pain • ORGANICALLY PRODUCED IN COLORADO Help your patients and add a nice revenue stream! CALL OR EMAIL TODAY! 267-318-6526 Alan Rind 100% THC FREE