www.njchiropractors.com I 17 Ascent: •  Should follow the same path as the descent •  Hips are the primary mover: instruct the patient to “Drive with the hips” and “Keep your chest up” •  Maintain an upright torso: maintain the tibia/torso line •  Avoid trunk flexion: maintain a constant vertical distance between the hips and shoulders •  Requires adequate hip drive, (strength) in hip extension •  Requires adequate mobility of the thoracic spine and hip flexors Note: Ascent deficits are commonly due to sub-optimal recruitment patterns which respond well to neuromuscular training and cueing Often deficits in the BSA are related to poor neuromuscular development and skill. The initial intervention for all deficits is verbal cueing followed by tactile or physical cueing. If patterns of dysfunction persist after verbal and physical cueing, then corrective exer- cises, soft tissue therapy and CMT are indicated. Begin by treating the most significant deficit first and progress to the less involved dysfunctions. The BSA can be used on a visit-by-visit basis as a screening tool for your corrective exercise programs. It can also be used as a community outreach tool to the youth athletes in your commu- nity. Teaching proper squat mechanics not only improves training and sports performance, it improves quality of life as we age. For more information the BSA, squat mechanics and corrective procedures the reader is recommended to watch The Squat playlist on my You Tube channel: www.YouTube.com/ DrDeFabio Donald DeFabio, DC, DACBSP, FAC, is in private practice in Berkeley Heights, NJ, and is the team chiropractic doctor for a local university. His exercise protocols can be found on his YouTube Channel which has over 7M views and 15K subscribers. He conducts Relevant Rehab hands-on seminars nationally to teach the keys of successful integration of active care into the everyday chiro- practic office. Get Your Patients Back Non-invasive | No Drugs | No Side-effects Learn more at www.erchonia.com or call: (888) 242-0571 To Doing What They Love. “The FX 635 is a amazing hands-free laser that provides long-lassng relief for paaents of lower back pain in just a few sessions.” -Daniel J. Murphy DC, DABCO