www.njchiropractors.com I 3 TM Medicare Q&A Medicare Update L LE LE A ANJC Leadership Executive Director’s UPDATE INSURANCE Update INSURANCE Update ship Spring Summit has ended, and there was quite a lot to talk about. One of the best received presentations was Dr. Steve Clarke, who presented a history of “wins” the chiropractic profession in New Jersey has enjoyed. Highlights of importance include: •  2009 - ANJC documents and prepares extensive claims information for NJ DOBI against Triad Healthcare, resulting in Triad being sanctioned and fined for improper business practices with improperly denied and underpaid chiropractic claims. •  Most recently, after a 6-year-long battle which was taken all the way to the 3rd Circuit Court, ASHN and CIGNA have agreed to an $11.75 million settlement for improperly denying chiropractic claims for nearly 10 years. These are just two prime examples of what Dr. Clarke said on stage a number of times, “Winning only occurs when you stand up and fight back. Do nothing … Get nothing.” To help our members expand their knowledge on insurance appeals and complaints, we had an amazing group of volunteers at the summit who offered one-on-one advice on how to fill out appeals and DOBI complaint forms appropriately. That table was a beehive of activity throughout the summit. I couldn’t have been prouder seeing chiroprac- tors helping fellow chiropractors. The main issues discussed with our members continue to revolve around various improper claim/payment denials, the cumbersome utilization management process and the curtailing of appropriate chiropractic care. Let me reiterate something I said before, we at the ANJC hear you and understand the difficulties, and we are working on solutions every day. For those who stopped off at the table, please take action on what you learned and follow up with Matt at ANJC HQ (matt@anjc.info). If you do nothing, we’ll get nothing. Dr. Anthony Lisi, the chiropractic program director for the US Veterans Health Administration, kicked off our summit by speaking about expanding the role of chiropractic in the Veterans Administration and emerging training opportunities for chiropractic students. The ANJC is looking to form a Veteran’s Committee, so if you are a member and also a veteran, we’d love to hear from you! Please email me at DrKovacs@anjc.info. On a different note, summer is upon us and what a great time it is to make memories with family and friends. It’s too easy to focus on the negatives in your practice. You’ll be a better version of yourself – ready to take on the challenges that await you – if you enjoy some good times, recharge your spirit, and focus on the good in your life. By Dr. Jordan Kovacs ANJC President What’s Inside: President’s Letter Page 3 ANJC Leadership Page 4 Our New Members Page 5 Executive Director’s Update Page 5 Featured Articles: Legal Ease Page 6 Legal Q&A Page 7 Legislative Update Page 8 Legal Page 10 Sports Council Page 11 Insurance Update Page 12-13 Rehab Council Page 14 Technique Council Page 15 Medicare Update Page 16-17 Nutrition Council Page 18-19 Chiro Assist Page 22 Our Sponsors Page 26