20 I Summer 2019 www.anjc.info Good practice is the recognition that caring for real patients in the real world is more complicated, has more confounders, and is overall messier than many research designs can account for. It acknowledges that there are multiple options for achieving results with patients. Another name for good practice might be effective practice – it reliably generates desired outcomes, but may not have been rigorously studied. Both personal experience and professional consensus contribute to the development of good practices. Often patients present themselves with complex problems and situations as such that no recognized good or best practice to applies to them. Their problems are either unique and unconventional (i.e. unprecedented), or recurrent and ongoing (i.e. are continuously re-solved). These are cases where no guideline or clinical heuristic can be constructively applied. In these cases, the art of practice comes in. Through collaboration with other clinicians and “n of 1” trials, an emergent practice develops. Effective emergent practices that can be repeatedly applied to a similar cohort of patients adds to the growing catalogue of good practices we can utilize. Everyone one of us can be better at the practice of chiropractic if we adopt these mindsets. In the end a curious mind, a compassionate heart, and a commitment to the continuing pursuit of the advancement of chiropractic practice benefits us all. David Graber, DC, CCSP, is the chairperson of the ANJC Council on Technique and Clinical Excellence. He maintains a private practice in Parsippany, NJ. [ MINDSETS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 15 ] Harlan Health Products Brings Winback Therapy to Tri-State Area Harlan Health Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Winback Therapy to its family of products. Winback Therapy will help practitioners who perform manual soft tissue therapy, joint mobilization, and manipulation to stay on the leading edge of technology so they can enhance their clinical outcomes. “Our clients are all in this competitive healthcare environment. It is imperative for us to provide our customer with the latest tools to help them get their patients get better, and faster than ever before. We are excited that the interest in Winback Therapy has been extraordinary thus far, and it has taken off much quicker than we anticipated. We know, from our years of experience, that the best practices are the practices that get the best results. Winback fits right into that model,” said Harlan Pyes, President of Harlan Health Products, Inc. “SWIMS America Corp, the U.S. branch of the manufacturer of Winback, a French-based company, is delighted to announce the appointment of Harlan Health Products, Inc. as our exclusive dealer for the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut regions,” said Paul J. Donnelly, Winback’s CEO. “We believe in a business philosophy which focuses on innovation, service and education, and we are delighted to find that Harlan Health Products, Inc. shares this same philosophy. It is clear that HHP’s strong values are a perfect match for what we look for in a distribution partner. We look forward to partnering together and to bringing the exciting Winback technology to market in these regions and beyond.” Winback Therapy is combined with manual therapy used to treat acute, sub-acute, and chronic pathologies faster than with manual therapy alone. It has been deployed clinically and internationally for over 15 years, and Winback alone works alongside 128 sports teams and associations and more than 7,000 practitioners. Contact Harlan Health Products, Inc. at 1-800-345-1124, to discuss the benefits of Winback Therapy and schedule your office demonstration, or visit harlanhealth.com/product/winback-therapy for more information.